EarthGuard Fiber Matrix Receives Multiple Industry Recognitions


EarthGuard Fiber Matrix Receives Multiple Industry Recognitions

Terra Novo Announces Recent Success of Its One-Step Erosion- and Sediment-Control Product

BAKERSFIELD, CA--(Dec. 9, 2013) Terra Novo, a leading manufacturer of erosion and sediment-control products in Bakersfield, California, has announced that its pre-packaged, one-step erosion- and sediment-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix, has been accepted by the Ministry of Transportation in Alberta, CAN. and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The product has also recently secured positive results when tested under ASTM D6459 large scale erosion control testing protocol.

"EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is highly effective and affordable, and as a result it is one of our top products," says Scott Harrison, president of Terra Novo. "EarthGuard Fiber Matrix dramatically decreases labor and product costs on job sites. Our customers appreciate the product's ability to provide much more for much less. These recent achievements prove that not only does the product work, but also that it's raising standards in the industry."

Below are the details of EarthGuard Fiber Matrix's recent achievements:

-  The Ministry of Transportation in Alberta  recently upgraded EarthGuard Fiber Matrix to the "Proven Products" section of the Alberta Transportation Products List in the Erosion and Sediment Control Systems - Polyacrylamide Proprietary category, after being tested on the Transportation Utility Corridor, commonly referred to as Calgary Ring Road, in Alberta. The product is currently being used at the Edmonton International Airport.

-  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation  recently amended its Bulletin 15 to include EarthGuard Fiber Matrix as a product meeting Section 805.29(a)1e Bonded Fiber Matrix of the Standard Specifications. This practice is specified by Penn DOT for erosion control and re-vegetation projects. 

-  TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) recently tested EarthGuard Fiber Matrix under the rigorous ASTM 6459 protocol. ASTM 6459 testing measures and determines the performance of leading Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECP) in protecting hill slopes from rainfall-induced erosion. After the full-scale simulated rainfall study, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix, applied at a 3000 lb/ac rate, revealed a Cover Factor (C Factor) of 0.002. This extremely low C-Factor demonstrates the superior performance capabilities EarthGuard offers at low application r ates.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is a pre-packaged, one-step application sold in bags that combine EarthGuard -- a spray-on emulsion that reduces erosion and sediment runoff -- and wood/cellulose fiber. It is chemically engineered to be effective at low rates while absorbing the impact of raindrops and providing immediate dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization until permanent vegetation is established or construction has resumed. EarthGuard Fiber Matrix's versatility allows it to be highly effective in many applications: erosion control, slope stabilization, dust abatement, landscape design, reclamation, storm water runoff protection, fire/burn rehabilitation, land development and golf-course construction.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix works by creating a liquid net, stopping the breakdown of erosion forces in the soil instead of simply putting a blanket over the soil, as a fiber reinforced matrix or bonded fiber matrix (BFM) does. Because it works on the soil rather than on mulch or synthetic fibers, users save on cost without compromising performance. Competitors' spray-on blanket products must cover 100% of a surface area in order to work. EarthGuard covers more area in a shorter amount of time and naturally spreads to untreated areas, requiring significantly less product and labor.Terra Novo's patented, university-tested and worksite-proven products are distributed in all 50 states and Canada and exported internationally. For more information, visit

ABOUT TERRA NOVO: Based in Bakersfield, Calif., Terra Novo is a leader in erosion- and sediment-control products, offering quality, cost-effective products that improve the industry and meet the needs of a quickly evolving market with proven solutions engineered to help customers achieve their environmental goals with significant cost savings. Company founder Scott Harrison drew from his own years of experience in agricultural soil conditioning and environmental testing to drive the company's success. The company offers a complete array of product lines that address erosion control, reclamation, revegetation, agricultural efficiencies, dust suppression and water clarification for customers in a range of industries. Terra Novo's EarthGuard, Floccin, SoilMAX, Agriflo, DustCap, DustGuard and AquaGuard product lines are patented, university-tested and worksite-proven, helping customers meet strict state and federal regulations using cost-effective, best-management-practice solutions. Every user-friendly product is designed with the installer in mind and formulated to work to customers' highest standards while delivering enormous product and labor savings. For more information, please visit