Terra Novo Announces Floccin Line of Products


Terra Novo Announces Floccin Water-Contaminant Removal Product Line

Floccin Bags and Snakes Use a Specialty Blend of Components to Remove Contaminants from Water at a Lower Cost than Competing Products and Services

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (August XX, 2013) – Terra Novo, a leading manufacturer of erosion and sediment-control products in Bakersfield, California, is launching its new Floccin product line that cost-effectively removes water contaminants and sediment from effluent streams, drainage channels and sediment basins. A single 4-pound mesh Floccin Bag can typically treat 10,000 gallons of water and decrease Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU) from 1,000 to less than 20. Floccin Snakes treat sediment-laden stormwater effluent, preventing polluted water from leaving construction sites and settling ponds.

Terra Novo designed Floccin to be effective in all types of water through a sequential process. It first coagulates sediment particles via charge stabilization, then flocculation (the agglomeration of particles) occurs, and finally ion exchange takes place to permanently remove the contaminants by encapsulating them in a newly formed layer of mica. All Individual components of Floccin are NSF 60- and GRAS-approved.

Floccin Bags and Snakes are a cost-effective alternative to advanced oxidation processes, polymer treatments, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.

“Our purpose in introducing the Floccin line is to provide an effective product that delivers results at a lower cost than competitor products and processes,” says Scott Harrison, president of Terra Novo. “It’s user-friendly for installers and helps our customers meet and exceed environmental standards.”

Terra Novo’s engineers and chemists take pride in their hands-on approach to solving site-specific problems. Farmers, land and home developers, oil and gas companies, forest services and departments of transportation utilize their unique product formulations to accomplish their goals affordably and without harming the environment. The company has completed successful projects for well-known brands including the Federal Highway Administration, Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil, First Solar, the U.S. Forest Service and many well-known home builders. Case studies and performance tests support the products’ efficacy and attest to the company’s commitment to continual improvement.

Terra Novo’s patented, university-tested and worksite-proven products are distributed in all 50 states and Canada and exported internationally. For more information, visit www.terranovo.com.

ABOUT TERRA NOVO: Based in Bakersfield, Calif., Terra Novo is a leader in erosion- and sediment-control products, offering quality, cost-effective products that improve the industry and meet the needs of a quickly evolving market with proven solutions engineered to help customers achieve their environmental goals with significant cost savings. Company founder Scott Harrison drew from his own years of experience in agricultural soil conditioning and environmental testing to drive the company’s success. The company offers a complete array of product lines that address erosion control, reclamation, revegetation, agricultural efficiencies, dust suppression and water clarification for customers in a range of industries. Terra Novo’s EarthGuard, SoilMAX, Agriflo, DustCap, DustGuard and AquaGuard product lines are patented, university-tested and worksite-proven, helping customers meet strict state and federal regulations using cost-effective, best-management-practice solutions. Every user-friendly product is designed with the installer in mind and formulated to work to customers’ highest standards while delivering enormous product and labor savings.