Terra Novo Announces Successful Oil & Gas Restoration Projects


Terra Novo Announces Successful Oil & Gas Restoration Projects 

Erosion- and Sediment-Control Manufacturer Makes Gains within the Oil & Gas Industry  

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (October 15, 2014) – Terra Novo, a leading manufacturer of erosion and sediment-control products in Bakersfield, Calif., today announced recent successes within the oil and gas industry. Its product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix, has been used to successfully restore pipeline and well pad sites across the country.  

 The boom of shale gas availability in places like North Dakota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Oklahoma has initiated an expansion of oil and gas pipeline construction, as utilities switch from coal to cleaner-burning natural gas. After these construction projects are complete, the sites must be restored – creating an opportunity for Terra Novo to provide its affordable and highly effective erosion-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix to promote revegetation.  

 “This shift in the industry has presented a need for cost-effective products that can quickly and efficiently offer results,” says Scott Harrison, president Terra Novo. “By using EarthGuard Fiber Matrix, material and labor costs are significantly reduced; meaning sites can be brought back to their original state faster – something utility organizations need after long and sometimes arduous projects are complete.”  

Recent oil and gas industry projects include:  

  •  Markwest: Terra Novo worked with Penn Line Service Inc. on this compressor station project in Barnesville, Ohio. Nine gallons of EarthGuard Fiber Matrix and 2,500 lbs. of 70/30 mulch were sprayed on April 28, 2014. On the day of application, there were several inches of rainfall, yielding excellent results and germination. 

  •  Chief: On April 17, 2014, 10 gallons of EarthGuard and 3,000 lbs. of 70/30 mulch were sprayed by Penn Line Services in Dushore, Penn. By May 27, the slope of the water impoundment site exhibited full germination. 

  •  Sunoco: Nine gallons of EarthGuard Fiber Matrix were sprayed with 2,500 lbs. of 70/30 mulch by Penn Line Services – working in conjunction with Precision Pipelines – to this site on July 24, 2014. The Southwestern Pennsylvania site showed full vegetation on August 16.  

 EarthGuard Fiber Matrix – a combination of EarthGuard and fiber – uses an extremely high molecular weight blend chemistry, which results in superior charge density and soil stabilizing ability.  It is chemically engineered to be effective while absorbing the impact of raindrops and providing immediate dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization until permanent vegetation is established or construction has resumed.Terra Novo’s patented, university-tested and worksite-proven products are distributed in all 50 states and Canada and are exported internationally. For more information, visit www.terranovo.com.  

ABOUT TERRA NOVO: Based in Bakersfield, Calif., Terra Novo is a leader in erosion- and sediment-control products, offering quality, cost-effective products that improve the industry and meet the needs of a quickly evolving market with proven solutions engineered to help customers achieve their environmental goals with significant cost savings. Company founder Scott Harrison drew from his own years of experience in agricultural soil conditioning and environmental testing to drive the company’s success. The company offers a complete array of product lines that address erosion control, reclamation, revegetation, agricultural efficiencies, dust suppression and water clarification for customers in a range of industries. Terra Novo’s EarthGuard, Floccin, SoilMAX, Agriflo, DustCap, DustControl DG and AquaGuard product lines are patented, university-tested and worksite-proven, helping customers meet strict state and federal regulations using cost-effective, best-management-practice solutions. Every user-friendly product is designed with the installer in mind and formulated to work to customers’ highest standards while delivering enormous product and labor savings. For more information, please visit www.terranovo.com.